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Founded in 2011, PE|Mo creates immersive performance works that incorporate unpredictable social arrangements, physical risk, and alternative narratives. A collaboration between HATLO and Rosa Vissers, PE|Mo has been presented at Open Flight, Velocity’s BIG BANG! and NEXT Fest NW, 12 Minutes Max and NW New Works Festival at On the Boards, the Seattle International Dance Festival, and Lo Fi Arts Festival at Smoke Farm.


As a collaboration between a dance and a theater artist, our work is a confluence of our individual backgrounds and history, and our shared aesthetic and questions. We see our work as a vehicle for transformation, self-empowerment, and social change. A driving question for us is: How can artists be part of movements towards systemic change?

We like to find intersections, edges, and parallels in form and narrative. Our work constantly investigates the spectrum of literal, metaphor, and abstraction to find the most potent balance. Specifically, our performances move like dance, query how we can create complex stories and narratives, and explore character study as well as larger dramaturgical frames surrounding bodies in space. We ground all of our work in historical research, writing, pop culture, physical inquiry, and current events and weave these threads into stories that aim to be complicated, relevant, and compelling. 

Our name, PE|Mo comes from the Latin phrase perpetuum mobile, or perpetual motion, which holds our value of always moving forward, continuing the work, keep making, keep moving. In physics, perpetual motion in theory is impossible. PE|Mo is interested mining the contradictions in what is believed to be impossible to imagine the paths toward new possible futures.

Since our founding, PE|Mo has made work that moves beyond the confines of a theater. We want art to be in the middle of everyday life, not something that is only accessible in certain institutionally or socially sanctioned locations. We often create numerous iterations of a piece, both because we know audiences change based on location, and because we enjoy responding to the specifics of place (whether that is a theater or a meadow). We embed our performances in various sites and environments to invite people to experience a space in a new, unfamiliar way.


PE|Mo produced their own evening length performance of Anatomy of an Accident in 2015 for which they received a DANCE CRUSH award from SeattleDances. They’ve received funding from 4Culture and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, the Flight Deck 2011 residency, LEAF (’11-’12) and FLOWER (’12 – ’13) Season residencies at Studio Current, a Project: Space Available 2013 residency, and was in residence at the Orchard Project 2014 in upstate New York, and Cornish Arts Incubator 2014.

Current Work

We are currently developing a new evening-length performance. Read more about our 2017-2018 work in progress of(f) center in our interview with Kaitlin McCarthy of SeattleDances here.



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About Hatlo

HATLO is a collaborative queer theater artist who creates and facilitates new performance. collaborators include: Rosa Vissers (as PE|Mo), Alice Gosti, Shontina Vernon, Markeith Wiley, New Century Theater Company, Birthday Girl performance series, MKNZ, the Satori Group, Intiman, Erin Pike & Courtney Meaker, Peter Dee, Kyle Loven, Jessica Jobaris, Washington Ensemble Theatre, & Implied Violence. Hatlo has a BFA in Theater from Cornish and was part of the 2016 Stranger Genius nominated creative team of Thatswhatshesaid.

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