Rosa Vissers

Anatomy of an Accidentwith PE|Mo


Anatomy of an Accident is a dynamic performance exploring the impact of accidents on people, communities, and futures. What happens when things go wrong, and how can we change the outcome?

Anatomy of an Accident was developed over a period of 2 years with different versions presented at Northwest New Works 2015, NEPO 5k Walk Don’t Run, Cornish Arts Incubator, culminating in an evening-length immersive performance at Open Flight Studio in November 2015.

Preview by Seattle Dances’ Mariko Nagashima: “PE|Mo Collaborating on an Accident”
Review by Seattle Dances’ Megan Stevenson “No Accident: Anatomy Has Soul”

Trailer with excerpts from our 20 minute performance at Northwest New Works 2015.


Co-Director/Narrative + Text: HATLO
Co-Director/Choreography: Rosa Vissers
Created in collaboration with the performers: Corina Dalzell, Jordi Montes, Kince de Vera, Jenna Vershen, Ryan Vinson, Maggie Wegener
Costume & Set Designer: Clare Strasser
Lighting Designer: Jessica Trundy
Composer: Paurl Walsh
Technical Director: Tristan Roberson
Sound Design: Alex Matthews
Stage Manager: Kristyne Hughes
Graphic Design: Leah C. Vendl
Tech Support: ilvs strauss & Evan Mosher
Photography & Video: Joseph Lambert / Jazzyphoto

Special thanks to Amanda Kurtz, Ryan Mather, Kathryn Padberg, Kai Hoshino Sandy, Jessica Chung, Hannah Simmons, Kaitlin McCarthy, Syniva Whitney, Hendri Walujo, Lorabeth Barr for contributing to and performing in earlier versions of the piece.


Anatomy of an Accident is made possible with funding from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, 4Culture, and Indiegogo supporters, and developed with assistance from the Orchard Project, program of The Exchange as well as the inaugural Cornish Arts Incubator, a program of Cornish College of the Arts. Special thanks to Open Flight Studio, On the Boards and Studio 1423.