Rosa Vissers

Creature/Pullwith PE|Mo

Creature/Pull explores dynamics of routine, obedience and power. Two women move along a wall; one is monitored within strict boundaries, the other struggles with becoming trapped in the construct that she is trying to enforce. Rooted in a study of power relationships and penal systems, with an aggressive and rebellious movement vocabulary, Creature/Pull steeps the viewer in an extreme that is broken in a tentative moment of hope. Trapped in a cycle where there is no space for empathy or compassion can the women ever connect?

Original Concept: Rosa Vissers
Performance: Hatlo & Rosa Vissers
Choreography: Rosa Vissers
Direction: Hatlo
Sound Design: Skyler Burger
Costumes: Clare Strasser
Rehearsal Director: Stefanie Karlin
Ropes Management: Lott Martin

Multiple versions performed at:

  • Open Flight
  • 12 Minutes Max, On the Boards
  • Velocity Dance Center’s BIG BANG! Remix
  • Seattle International Dance Festival