Rosa Vissers



I love it. All of it. I have been teaching a wide range of classes for more than ten years, from improvisation to ballet, to contemporary dance, creative process and dance history.

Upcoming Classes/PResentations

Trauma-Sensitive Movement Basics
Dance Educators Association of Washington (DEAW) annual Conference // October 7-8
Pacific Northwest Ballet School – Francia Russell Center >> registration

Restorative Yoga: for all levels
Class Exchange // November 27, 10-11:30am
Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Pay what you wish


As a self-proclaimed dance “mutt” my classes reflect my eclectic background. I draw on two decades of professional training in EuropeTeaching and the US in ballet, release technique, Graham, Cunningham & Limon Technique, as well as my studies in improvisation, yoga, authentic movement, and meditation.


Over the years I have taught or been a guest speaker at the University of Oregon, University of Washington, Cornish, University of Utah, NDA Northwest, American College Dance Festival, Strictly Seattle Summer Dance Intensive, and Studio Current’s Compost Suite. I was also a year-long guest artist at Idaho State University.


For me, classes are a laboratory to play, experiment, and process. It’s about cranking up the music and just going for it, as well as getting very specific about the articulation of, let’s say, the shoulder blade. Class is community. Class is spending time by yourself, following your curiosity, and taking a risk. I like to think of dance class as a safe place to challenge yourself, and to wonder what really is possible. And then there is repetition…quite a bit of it. Class is critical.

Advanced/Professional Technique Description: We’ll dance the line between with intention and surprise, abandon and precision, in order to access our physicality and hopefully….joy. We’ll get warmed up, grounded, and centered, and then take over the space with lush phrase work. Classes may include partnering and improvisation and ALWAYS include big dancing. Let’s go

Beginning Modern Description: In this eclectic class, technique is used to access an articulate yet spontaneous sense of movement. Dancers are invited to find freedom and enjoyment within the framework of contemporary and modern techniques. We’ll create a supportive, easy-going atmosphere where people feel safe to start where they are, take risks, and wonder what really is possible.